The Attadamoun Association support people with disabilities. It manage a reception and training center located in the city of Demnate.

The Attadamoun Association (which means "solidarity") was founded April 10, 1998 pursuant to Royal Decree No. 1.58.376 regulating the right of association. But it was not until October 2001 that the host site really comes into function with the signing of the first agreement with « Caritas ».

The first years were focused on making contacts and awareness of the population to determine the needs and act in the best for people with disabilities.

The association covers the entire locality and is the only associative actor working in the disability field in the community.

Registering Attadamoun in its territory

The Attadamoun association is one of the first associations regarding disability issues in Morocco.

Thus, it is recognized as a reference in the field. Indeed, there is no counterpart center in the region or in the province. In addition, the methodology of action formalized in plans, projects ... is used as an example in the field of disability.

Attadamoun prefers to operate with its own resources to protect themselves from political manipulation and / or election. To strengthen this protection, the association has taken advantage of the fact that Demnate is outside the zones of visibility. Favoring a close partnership or foreign rather than national structures because often the ambitions displayed by them aren’t in parallel - and measured relative to local resources and facilities available.

Operation of the structure

The Board of Directors consists of seven members and two advisors are all volunteers.

Its professional team consists of three instructors employed in addition to two former supervisors old users of the structure and a driver.
This team cares for 33 people with disabilities (all disabilities combined) aged 4-37 years and this is from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m to 12.30 p.m and from 15h to 18h.