Morocco or the Kingdom of Morocco

Morocco, is a country in North Africa belonging to the Greater Maghreb.

It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Spain, Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Algeria to the east and south by Mauritania.

His political capital is Rabat while the economic capital and the largest city of the country is Casablanca.

Demnate city

a) Geographical location:

Demnate extending over an area of ​​10km² is located in the region of Tadla-Azilal province Azilal, located on the northern slope of the central High Atlas, 968 m above sea level and 100 km to the is Marrakech.

b) Population:

Demnate account approximately 30,000 inhabitants.
La population de Demnate est mixte; et peut être recensée en trois grands groupes : The population of Demnate is mixed; and can be identified in three main groups: the "local" (Berber population and Amazir), the Arab community and the Jewish community.
The demnatis are economically active, mainly in the areas of crafts, food culture and trade of subsistence.

c) The potential of the territory:

  • The town of Demnate by its fertile lands and authenticity attract foreign investment; it's the preservation of organic farming that is sought by the latter.
  • Increase investments in accommodation facilities and eco-tourism.

d) The deficits of the territory:

  • City Demnate is in a territorial divide.
    Being located in an area on the edge of the plains and mountains, the town is located in an area protesting his situation and so often sidelined by politicians.
  • The very small number of infrastructure (eg. Hospital, school ...) hence the lack of investment in the potential of the town.
  • Problem with running water and electricity: cuts ...
  • Rugged causing trouble to circulate.