• Training and access: for its instructors to develop appropriate educational materials, funding of continuing training.
  • Exchange and Training: Visit of professional volunteers could provide, even briefly, their experience and ideas.
  • School supplies and workshops: books, educational games, raw materials (wax, paint, clay ...), small psychometric equipment to maintain educational and recreational activities,
  • Medical and therapeutic equipment: crutches, wheelchairs, hearing devices, prostheses, etc..
  • Funding: Financial Flows.

Become a volunteer

To develop our activities we need resources.
Volunteer, of course, is to give of his time, but also provide its expertise and motivation.

Everyone can get involved and contribute to the success of the actions undertaken by the Attadamoun association. You can participate in many ways. Have professional skills? Passions to share? Suggest your services, either to help with everyday tasks or to develop new actions to the disabled.


You can make your donation directly to our bank account